The CBCO Lido was founded by Coral, Brooke, Clark and Orion Newby of Lido Beach, New York to help keep Lido Beach clean.

The CBCO Lido is an informal club and we encourage participation. All you need is a desire to help clean up the beach. Our family spends one hour a week, usually on a Saturday, or Sunday and we walk up and down Lido Beach from the dune streets to the Towne House. We wear rubber gloves and pick up bottles, cans, paper, plastic and even old shoes sometimes. Anything that is not from nature we pick up and throw out in the garbage cans.

Join the Clean Beach Club Of Lido

Aside from our regular time spent cleaning up, we also host an annual beach clean up in conjunction with the American Littoral Society and the International Coastal Conservancy.

On September 16th, 2017 the CBCO Lido hosted its 9th Annual International Coastal Cleanup. Thanks to all who participated!

If you are interested in attending an event in the future, please send us an email.