Beach Clean Up Photos


CBCO Lido hosted its 9th Annual International Coastal Cleanup on September 16th






CBCO Lido hostedĀ its 8th Annual International Coastal Cleanup on September 17th







CBCO Lido hosted its 7th Annual International Coastal Cleanup


CBCO Lido hosted its 6th Annual International Coastal Cleanup


CBCO Lido hosted its 5th Annual International Coastal Cleanup


2012 – It has been a very busy year for all of us. We have been actively cleaning the beach especially after several storms. Aside from our usual weekend clean ups we are once again hosting the International Coastal Cleanup, this year on September 29th. The official day is September 15th, but many of our volunteers were not available that day, so we moved the clean up to the following weekend. It all works out because as we have learned the beach needs the help no matter what day it is.

October 2012 was a difficult month for us here on the south shore due to Hurricane Sandy. Aside from the great personal loss so many have faced the beach and dunes took a real beating. The CBCO LIDO has and will continue to support Lido Beach and help to return it to and maintain its wonderful beauty.


2011 – Once again the CBCO Lido has kept up with its efforts and once again is the host of the Lido Beach Chapter of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup on September 17th.


2010 – Throughout 2010 the CBCO Lido actively kept up with its clean beach efforts. Those efforts culminated with hosting the 2nd annual Lido Beach Chapter of the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup on September 25th. Thank you to all that participated on that day and during the entire year.


Sunday January 25th, 2009. It has been cold and snowing every weekend so far this year so we have not been able to go out much. Today we found what looks like the pieces of a sunken ship – and the usual stuff.

Sunday February 1st, 2009. It was sunny and a warm 42 degrees. We found lots of plastic bags and a really big fishing lure. It had two rusty hooks so I’m glad we found it and no one stepped on it.

Sunday February 8th, 2009. Today it was cold. It was low tide so there wasn’t much up along the dunes. We still found enough to fill a bag. We had a tug-o-war with a rope we found too.

Sunday February 15th. It was a little bit warmer today. We found so much stuff that Clark had to drag the bag to the garbage can.

Sunday March 22nd. Today we had a friend from Korea join us! John Lee. John found a lightbulb, Brooke found a grapefruit and Clark found a big ship’s rope.

Here are some pictures from the CBCO Lido

May 10th 2009 – In honor of Mother’s Day we helped clean up Mother Earth. Clark found a Stingray, Coral found a fishing lure and Brooke put the big bag in the garbage.

June 28th 2009 – Summer has begun and things are different here now. There is less garbage because a truck comes and cleans the beach, but it does not get everything. Especially in the dunes.

September 19th, 2009 – Summer has ended and the CBCO Lido will pick up our efforts to keep Lido Beach clean. Today we hosted our first Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup along with local representative the American Littoral Society. It was a great event with 40 participants from all over Long Island. We collected over 800 items weighing 165 lbs! THANKS to everyone involved! We look forward to hosting again next year.

November 1st, 2009 – October was busy and it rained on the weekends. Halloween was yesterday so this was the first day we could go out. Brooke found a fish jawbone and we found a seat cushion from a boat. We picked up a lot of trash before we even got to the beach! Here is a high-res close-up pic of the fish jawbone Brooke found. the others pics were too high-res to post on the site.

November 29th, 2009 – Today was a very nice, sunny day. We found so much stuff – shoes, a life preserver, gloves, an old fishing rod, lots of bottles, caps, cans and paper. The sea really brings out the garbage. We are glad we can help pick it up.


Saturday October 25th, 2008. Look at all of this stuff. The bag was very heavy.

Sunday November 2nd, 2008. It was a little cold today, but sunny. We found an old shoe and lots of cups, cans and bottles.

Sunday November 9th, 2008. Orion was a big help today and he is only 2 years old!

Sunday November 16th, 2008. It was sunny and cloudy, cold and windy. We found lots of bottle caps today and saw two dogs.

Sunday November 23rd, 2008. We got a late start today. Ths sun was going down, but we still found a lot of stuff. It was very cold, but we had fun.

Saturday December 6th, 2008. We were rained out last weekend so we made up for it this weekend by working extra hard. Clark found a big fish and a very old Pepsi bottle.

Sunday December 7th, 2008. We went in to the dunes today. It was fun to explore, but wow there was a lot of junk back there. Besides regular trash we found two old beach chairs and an old backpack.

Saturday December 13th, 2008. Today we went to the jetty. At first we did not find that much, but as we got closer there was a lot. There were many bottles and cans stuck in the jetty rocks. The bag was very heavy.

Saturday December 20th, 2008. We started walking towards the jetty but filled up the bag before we got there. When we did get there we found what looks like an old fiber optic undersea cable (dad said that)